To a Thermodynamic Lover

I am this ticking time bomb

Walking amongst friends and loved ones unaware.

A mish-mash of materials:

Fleshy milk-bone shrapnel.


I am this perfectly flawed design,

Birthed into failure,

Each muscular beat pushing and

Shoving against the gravity of mortality.


I am this heart-attack waiting to happen,

A pressure cooker of damned arteries

Primed to blow. I am this explosion

Of misery and salty tears,

Of mothers’ laments and wives’ woeful mourning.


I am the stagger of pall-bearers

Shouldering a pine box filled with ruins.



Even with this consciousness

I can’t help but feel


Simply a transfer of energy

With this earthly piece lost to the heat of entropy.

Won’t you collapse with me?


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