Suds: December 19

I recently visited a pub in St. Paul this weekend that will remain nameless and ordered a Finnegans Irish Amber. When the waitress came back I felt the sting of disappointment in seeing my Irish Amber in a clear plastic cup. At first, I checked myself for exhibiting an acute case of beer snobbery, but upon further thought I concluded that this was a serious and valid misgiving shared by a fellow beer drinker at the table. Beer, especially craft beer, needs a glass home. I stumbled across this article of different brewers contemplating craft beer in plastic cups.

A beer with a little humor and lot of heart.

Surly Smoke release dinner at the Red Stag Supper Club in Minneapolis. The menu looks fantastic.

Festivus is here at Town Hall Brewery! Time to drink and display your feats of strength

Beer Here: Milk Stout from Lake Louie Brewing.

– God begets man. Man begets Tebow. Tebow begets Tebrew. I mean, whoa!

Ray Klimovitz, Wisconsin native, honored by beer society.

– Just another reason MPR is possibly the best public radio in the nation. What, me biased? No way.

Minnesota fans of Goose Island’s limited Bourbon County series might not be happy after reading this. Complex issue, certainly.

– A few Midwestern brews crack the Philadelphia Post’s top 12 beers of Christmas. Props to Michigan and Ohio.

– Encouraging news from the guys at Mother’s Brewing Co.

Looking for holiday (beer) gift ideas? Tweet @MidwestBeer for suggestions.


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