Suds: December 21

Being home forces me to be nostalgic. Not that I’m not a nostalgic person, it just seems to come out more here. I give a lot of bandwidth to my favorite Madison act, Sleeping in the Aviary, yet very little to one of the more intriguing bands I’ve had the pleasure of following and interacting with over the years.

I got acquainted with Maps and Atlases at a basement show at an old friends house. I must have been seventeen, and somehow they just haven’t tired to me yet. First came Trees, Swallows, Houses followed by You and Me and the Mountain and then they went mute. Apparently Maps and Atlases bounced around record labels—rumor was they signed with Sub Pop—until finally landing on Barsuk and putting out a very solid first (official) release. I don’t want to get in to describing why you should listen, just listen. (Ed. Note: I’m terrible at Internetting and wanted that embedded. Whatever.)

If you should be so lucky, grab yourself a Two Brother’s North Wind, and let’s get to Suds.

-Whoa, sorry for putting this up so late everyone, but there are some seriously awesome holiday beers being served at some great Chicago bars. Go to them. Now.

-MN drinkers, get ready for a long dark night at MacKenzie’s. Festivities start when the sun sets. At 4:34.

A Chicago craft beer Christmas. What more could you ask for?

More stuff from the Tribune for the beer lover in your life. (I would say reader and beer lover, but they’re one and the same).

-Sorry for not being up on all the holiday stuff. It was 60 in DC when I left, so I’m all out of sorts.

-Beer Here: Jingle Bells from the Grumpy Troll.

-Another Midwestern perspective on a great Sierra Nevada beer.

-In defense of the High Life.

-Finally, don’t know if it will be shipped in time for the holidays, but I had an awesome experience with the people at Axis Maps. Fortuitously for them and fortunately for me, there’s a map of every place I’ve had the pleasure to call home. And the type is gorgeous. Support the arts. Always.

Haven’t watched a Charlie Brown Christmas yet? What’re you waiting for?! Watch it and tell us more on Twitter (@midwestbeer), Facebook or send an email to


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