Brew for Thought: Rush River Winter Warmer

Winters in the Midwest are tough. Freezing temperatures undercut by biting wind chills, relentless gray days, and ever-accumulating snow drifts are enough to make one rethink moving here. But what about those of us who grew up in the area? Why do we still put ourselves through brutally cold weather year after year when a little farther south it rarely ever dips below 32 degrees F?

Maybe because then we wouldn’t have a topic of conversation that works in any situation in life. At a dinner party: “I’m certainly glad it didn’t snow otherwise we never would have made it on time…” In the elevator with a stranger: “Sure is cold out, isn’t it?” At a family reunion: “Remember the Halloween Blizzard of ’91?” The weather is a strangely unifying part of Midwestern culture, but I don’t enjoy chatting about it enough to ignore the fact I can’t feel my toes for five months out of the year.

But when I think on the year and a half I spent in Florida when I was in Kindergarten I was disappointed that Christmas wasn’t white, that the palm trees never changed colors and that the spring thaw only happened if Mom left a bottle of water in the freezer too long.

The seasons are what draw me to the Midwest and, as in life, the cold dark of winter must be endured for us to enjoy the vibrant warmth and colors of the other seasons.

So again we pull on sweaters and wool socks and begin the season-long hibernation of winter. ‘Tis the season for Rush River Winter Warmer, a mighty cousin of their Scotch ale loaded with malt and hops to warm you to your very core.

Best Enjoyed: Under a blanket with a good book.

Best Paired With: A roast cooked low and slow with vegetables and potatoes.

Where to Find: Minnesota and their home state of Wisconsin

Find out more about Rush River Brewing Company by visiting their website. 


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