Suds: January 11

Having a friend come to visit who has never been to your hometown before is an exercise in catching up, but not for you and for friend per se. Rather it’s getting reacquainted with your town–the nooks and crannies of it, the smell of it and the sight of its skylines and open spaces. It’s a chance to rediscover your reasons for living there and attempt to pass on its charm to your friend. Of course, like a friend from long ago, things in town have changed: your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant is a trendy thrift shop.  But for the most part it’s still the same old town that you knew and loved.

Taking a friend around town feels a little like the intro to a Laverne and Shirley episode or this parody from the guys at Mother’s Brewing Company…

Now for Suds:

“The Love of Beer” is screening tonight at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

– Harriet Brewing is releasing East Side at the Groveland Tap.

– A spot-on rundown of Central Waters and their Catastrophe Ale from the Beer Man.

– Flatlanders’ Lincolnshire location is closing, but don’t worry the beer will keep flowing.

– You may have also heard that Furthermore is in trouble. Here’s a statement from Aran, himself.

Beer Fests are abound across the Midwest. Check your state for what’s going on:







Are you a homebrewer? Let us know what’s bubbling in your fermenter these days by tweeting @MidwestBeer or posting a photo on our Facebook page. 



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2 responses to “Suds: January 11

  1. Hey there, you might want to change the Michigan link to the following:
    The link you have directs folks to an issue that we ran in to with the TC Comedy Arts Fest. Thanks!

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