Suds: January 16

It had been a while since I went to an art museum when Anthony visited the Cities and we walked through the Weisman and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. I thought back on all the museums I had been over the years and considered which was my favorite: Philadelphia, MOMA, MIA, Walker Art Center? But it was the Art Institute of Chicago that continually came to the forefront of my mind, Ferris Bueller and all. Check out there newest exhibition, “Light Years: Conceptual Art and the Photograph 1964-1977.”

– St. Cloud Craft Beer Expo is coming this weekend. Get tickets here!

– Good beer has made it a week early to St. Cloud with Boulder Tap House’s Grand Opening today! Burgers and pints galore.

– I checked these awesome commercials from Breckenridge Brewing Co. again today–still as funny as ever.

Half Acre and Perennial Artisan Ales are going to Plan B. Don’t know what Plan A is, but I doubt it could be better.

– Arrowhead Restaurant and Bar in Wheaton is putting on a beer dinner with Finch Brewing Co.

St. Paul’s Winter Beer Dabbler is right around the corner, so jump on it like Kemo Sabe and get tickets today.

– For all the heartbroken Wisconsinites out there, the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest is this next weekend, the perfect remedy for those post-season blues.

Witches Hat Brewpub’s newest brew was a big hit in Michigan.

– Midwestern pride for a Midwestern brewery. People’s Brewing Company’s brews are “Made in Lafayatte.”

What will be the next biggest brewing company of 2012? We want to hear from you. Tweet @MidwestBeer or hit us up on Facebook.


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