Suds: January 18

I once read a Batman comic that began with the line “I’ve seen the future and it works.” The direct quote can be traced back to the communist tendencies of the early 20th century, but the new context came from Minneapolis’ proudest son—Prince.

Prince is a man of many talents (Purple Rain anyone?), but his work for the Tim Burton Batman films help complete the derailed futurism of Burton’s Gotham. It’s fundamentally different than Christopher Nolan’s hyper-real version, steeped in the Joker’s mass hysteria and comic book gags. But what Burton gets at better than Nolan is the tragedy inherent to humor, and Prince’s music fits in perfectly.

So get your bat dance on and let’s get to suds. I’m feeling Hopalicious today, as Wisconsin celebrates over one million signatures gathered  in one of the nation’s strangest policies.

Larry Bell of Bell’s brings home the brass.

-Do this: Brew Ho-Ho Chicago.

America’s 100 Best Beer Bars. Goose Island makes the list.

-It’s not too early to get ready for Harriet Brewing’s One Year Anniversary.

-This is such a great idea: Short’s Mystery Stout one year one. I’m curious to know how other beers hold up, and so I will start conserving.

THAT BEER’S NOT FROM THE MIDWEST!!! Regardless, we share the sentiment.

-Chicago Mag takes a look at some great winter beers. If you go to the source page, you’ll find some great resources for drinking beer in Chicago.

-Big year for Lakefront Brewing. If you haven’t tried Rendezvous yet, what are you waiting for?

It’s Miller Time in Milwaukee.

-Finally, a history of beer in Chicago.

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