Suds: January 25

Sometimes a little absurdity goes a long way in the world of politics. When you feel exhausted and vexed trying to weed out untruths in candidates’ speeches, crack open an Ale Asylum Bedlam and watch this video. You’ll smile knowing for sure that everything said–every word–is made up.

– Muddy Pig’s Festival of Hops is officially underway.

– Class is in session. Get learned up by a master cicerone at this Minnesota Beer Pairing.

– It’s been a long while since we’ve had news about 3 Floyds. Too Long.

Wisconsin homebrewing is a topic of debate these days.

– A great article on extremophiles in the beer world.

– Michigan’s Founders Brewing Co. is lauded for nationally ranked brews.

– Harriet Brewing in Minneapolis is turning 1. Join them at the Blue Nile Restaurant to celebrate.

Metropolitan Brewing Co. is releasing Generator Doppelbock tomorrow night at 6pm at the Haymarket Brewpub.

What’s our mission? To bring you the news about the brews. Why do we do it? To make the world a happier place one pint at a time. Become a Voyageur and get the word out.


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