Suds: January 27

The city of lights. The city of lover. Paris goes by many names, but it seldom looks better than it does here:

I have an obsession with musicians who sing in English even if it isn’t their first language. Phoenix. The Notwist. These bands resonate at a deep level, and they expose the modern experience better than most. They love, live and learn. With Phoenix, there’s a certain amount of urgency to their particular brand of pop. It lends itself to the English language, and forces look critically at relationships in ways you haven’t.

So with that, raise your Lakefront Rendezvous—with that fleeting effervescence—and let’s get to Suds.

-Today’s Phoenix theme is for Owen, forever ago.

-You throw parties, Goose Island makes the beer for your sophisticated party.

Brewpub Shootout. Yes, it’s that awesome.

-Feisty like a wolverine, hence the name.

Black Hearted Beer Dinner in the Twin Cities.

-Beer Here: Barley Wine from New Glarus.

-More info on Chicago’s newest brewery.

-Best beer in the world? Best beer in the world.

-Finally, for all of you who were at the Gillette Stadium on that fateful day.

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