Brew for Thought: Keweenaw Lift Bridge Brown

I want to be cold. I want to wear multiple layers and grow a beard so icicles can hang off of it. I want that feeling that makes you want to stay in bed, as if you couldn’t get any warmer. Unfortunately, that’s not happening here where our windows are open and the heat’s been off for weeks. I constantly find myself thinking of Lake Superior.

I know the photo doesn’t look very cold, but even in the summertime Lake Superior could be used to chill some beers. According to a couple sources—none I find incontestably convincing—Lake Superior’s average temperature clocks in at a balmy 39 degrees fahrenheit. I swam in Superior in August, and those were some of the coldest moments I’ve experienced this year.

On the way home from some UP camping, I had to sample some local beer. Frankly, they’ve got a good thing going on in Keweenaw Brewing Company. My friend and I grabbed some Lift Bridge Brown and the Widowmaker Black, and the taste of the Lift Bridge Brown still hasn’t left.

For me, good beers come in all shapes and sizes. Beer in a can seems to say, “go ahead, take me somewhere cool,” and I’m all to happy to oblige. Lift Bridge Brown packs a refreshing first hit like the water comes from an untainted source, followed by a wealth of taste. But there’s an untraceable rustic flavor to the whole thing, something locked deep in the can or in the Lake for that matter. It pours a sharp brown, and the cans blend in perfectly next to the wood paneling and the A&W.

Best enjoyed: On Lake Superior with good friends and in the company of  bald eagles.

Best paired with: Mac and cheese, Sriracha, Sriracha mac and cheese.

Find it: In da UP.

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