Brew for Thought: Two Brothers’ Prairie Path Golden Ale

I’ve been running on and off since high school. At some points in my life I’ve been in shape to run faster half marathons (1 hours 20 minutes-ish) and 5k (low 17). My dedication ebbs and flows depending on the amount of schoolwork I have and how much sleep I can get, which is why I don’t really think of myself as a runner. The truth is, I owe an awful lot to my running career, particularly my love of beer.

In college I lived in a dilapidated, pee yellow house with a members of the Wisconsin Track Club (Go Proud Cows!). At first, all we really had in common was running. All of that changed once we started drinking beer. Thus began a two year quest to drink as many new beers as possible, particularly Wisconsin offerings. We built shelves in the living room to hold the bottles, and eventually we started making our own beer.

This autobiographical post does in fact have a point, and that is you really cannot predict how certain things will influence your life. I went to Lyons Township High School and we used to run on York’s Prairie Path all the time. When I found Two Brothers’ Prairie Path, I knew that it was destiny (or more accurately, randomness disguised as destiny).

A golden ale, Prairie path is the perfect cool down beer. Light in color, but beautifully malty, Prairie Path goes down smooth. There’s no beer I would rather have after a few miles through the prairies of the flatlands, an expanse so wide it feels oceanic.

Prairie Path’s slightly bitter finish always surprises me. It’s the final kick at the end of a race where you want it to be over, yet at the same time, you want it to never end.

Best enjoyed: After a hard race where you finished strong.

Best paired with: Golden ales are light, so don’t get too crazy with this one. How about a BLT?

Find it: The Prairie State.

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