Suds: February 10

Yesterday, MillerCoors announced the purchase of Minneapolis-based Crispin Cider and so falls another independent Midwestern brewing company. While I don’t have the same attachment for Crispin that Anthony had for Goose Island, it is still a sad day for craft brewers and drinkers here in the state of Minnesota. There will be more to come on this buyout in the coming weeks, but in the mean time crack open a Summit Brewing Oatmeal Stout and watch the newest episode of BrewTV.

Garage sale at Town Hall Brewery tomorrow at noon!

– Check out Blackbird Cafe’s Black Hearted Beer Dinner if you are going stag this Valentine’s Day and not happy about it. The porters, stouts and black IPAs should ease your pain.

– Or bring your honey to Town Hall for Valentine’s ‘Day. Chocolate Cherry Stout has been promised.

Wisconsin Hombrewers are still in need of support.

New Holland’s Four Witches Black Saison is on its way this spring.

– Belgium comes to Michigan with Ashley’s Belgian Beer Festival going on now until February 19.

– A nice review of St. Paul’s Winterfest event this past weekend.

– Big news from MillerCoors, which just purchased Minneapolis-based Crispin Cider. More on this in the coming week.

– Metropolitan Brewing Company is holding a Generator Doppelbock party at Lady Gregory tonight at 5pm. Be there and imbibe.

A bucket of beer, a safe and a jewelry heist. No, it’s not Ocean’s 14.

What do you think about MillerCoors buying Crispin Cider? Tweet @MidwestBeer or post on our Facebook page. 


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