Suds: February 15

In light of Anthony’s Hoptellectual on the role of science in our decision making for the future, you should watch Chipotle’s commercial “Back to the Start.” With a message of quality over quantity, rethinking and returning, and changing narratives for societal values, the commercial is inspiring as well as heartwarming. Crack open a feel-good and taste-good Matacabras ale from Dave’s BrewFarm and enjoy.

– Boulevard Brewing Co. issues an apology and refund for off-flavored Chocolate Ale batches.

– Revolution Brewing Co. will be opening a new production brewery this April. Click here to find out more.

Entries wanted for new craft beer journal The Mash Tun.

– Michigan’s Winter Beer Festival is coming up on February 25th. Also, get ready for Grand Rapids Beer Week.

Great Lakes Brewing’s Firkin Thursday should prove to be a tasty voyage.

– Speaking of firkins, Boulder Tap House in St. Cloud, MN will be tapping a firkin of Tallgrass A-Team tonight.

Flat Earth Brewing Co. is set to release Black Helicopter Coffee Stout at DeGidio’s tomorrow at 6pm.

– The Wisconsin Senate has passed the updated homebrewing bill. But until it makes its way through the House, it’s still just a bill.

News and notes about Founder’s Curmudgeon’s Better Half from

Goose Island’s Fulton and Wood Series update.

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