Suds: February 20

Happy belated Hockey Day in America everyone! Good day for hockey in the Midwest as well, as St. Paul played host to a number of festivities (last year Chicago got the honor, although I don’t know if I consider it an honor for Mike Milbury to come to my city and yell things about hockey to people). I visited Quebec last year—the land of the God-forsaken cold—and observed kids leave their homes with skate guards on, cross the street and immediately begin playing. Much of my life would be different without hockey, but there’s no feeling quite like a good day on the pond.

If you missed this year’s Winter Classic, here’s an incredible little short about the world pond hockey championships in Eagle River, WI. If it’s cold enough where you live—and it sure as hell isn’t here—find a rink near you. You will never get cold if you skate hard.

It’s a day for a Furthermore Knotstock. Let’s get to Suds.

Chitown on Tap with a sweet redesign. Cheers!

More from our friends at Chitown on Tap and Good Beer Hunting. They’re on a mission from God. No, not that one. Those pictures make me so thirsty.

-Somehow I got Hopslam at a bar this weekend and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg? I don’t think this bar has any idea what’s going on.

Please support One Barrel Brewing in the Marquette Neighborhood. This homesick Badger wishes this project started one year earlier.

With great power, comes great responsibility. Especially when it comes to brewer/chef collaborations.

Here here, har har. The “3 Floyd Ammendment” passes committee.

-Finally, Jonathan Toews is incredible.

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