Old Fashioned Suds: February 22

The entirety of today’s Suds is dedicated to the everyone at the Old Fashioned in Madison, WI. The official MwBC watering hole was nominated for a James Beard Culinary Award for “Outstanding Bar Program.” Also on that list? The Aviary in Chicago and some presumably hot NYC nightspots. As a man who’s drank a few too many beers at Double Bubble and a regular walleye consumer, I couldn’t be more excited for everyone involved.

To celebrate, grab yourself a brandy Old Fashioned, and let’s get to Suds.

-Need more of Two Brother’s Hoodwink? Find it in Logan Square this Thursday.

-On the heals of Brian’s well-reasoned editorial, Greg Hall’s Virtue Cider is almost ready to roll.

Summit adds two new bears to the lineup.

There’s something to be said about good and bad data, and our friend at Good Beer Hunting says it all. Great stuff.

Steven’s Point Brewery expanding. Again.

-Hell yes, Chicago Craft Beer Week.

-An interesting look at you, the beer you like and the people who get it to you.

-Finally, just look at this hamburger. You’re going to need two beers just to wash it down.

Meet us at the Old Fashioned. Tweet (@midwestbeer), Facebook or send an email to mwbeercollective@gmail.com.


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