Suds: February 24

I love obscure things. I look for them, try to see where they’re hidden. It’s the thrill of existing in the space between where nobody goes, or finding an obscure something to bond with other people over. It’s also why I love this blog, my bulletin board for the obscure found objects (and as my friend pointed out, that’s exactly what blogs are for, however, I couldn’t tell if he was kidding).

Lately, I’ve been posting about systems science and cybernetics because of how these ideas tie into my graduate studies. While looking for some more reading I stumbled across the Journal of Landscape Ecology. The journal contains a wealth of thoughts and information from systems scientists, many of them from UW.

It’s a lot to read, and many times I find myself board and confused. But the rewards can be substantial, especially when it comes to understanding how we can better use science to improve our daily lives.

Also, in many ways the brewing process relies heavily on the tenants of systems science. How do we use the starting ingredients to communicate a final flavor? How does the yeast interact with the sugar to give the desired effect?

So enjoy some light weekend reading and a Spotted Cow. I recommend starting with Steve Carpenter if you’re into limnology, or Howard T. Odum if you want to deal with the philosophy of science. Let’s get to Suds.

Spring beers? Where was winter? Oh, that’s it outside right now.

More on Goose Island’s attempt at keeping their craft beer cred.

-Get ready for Milwaukee Brew Fest.

The Texas Two-Step? Sounds risky.

I vow to never make sh*tty beer, either. If I did, I would never drink again.

-Minnesotans may get to buy growlers from select liquor stores soon. That would be swell.

-Finally, Wes Anderson does Spider-Man. Or something like it.

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