Suds: February 27

If Indiana Jones didn’t convince you to love History, then you only have one last hope. Watch this TED Talk on the Cyrus Cylinder, a 2,600 year old clay cylinder praising the Persian king, Cyrus, who conquered Babylon. It reminds us the power of history in modern day and the importance of preserving our history (just think if beer never made it out of ancient Sumeria!). So crack open a Dogfish Head Midas Touch, the quintessential historical beer, and remember, “It belongs in a museum!”

– Don’t miss Cask Ale Fest at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis tomorrow night.

– If you do miss Cask Ale Fest, don’t worry. The Happy Gnome’s Firkin Fest 2012 is just around the corner. Get your tickets here.

– There is an art, nature and beer Mecca in Wisconsin and, no, it’s not Madison or Milwaukee. Read this great article on what Stevens Point has to offer.

Beer Here: a new doppelbock from Capital Brewery using wild rice.

– Chicago Craft Beer Week is set for May 17-27. Find out what’s in store here.

– The City of Broad Shoulders has a broad variety of breweries to choose from these days.

– There is a Bell’s beer tasting and pairing at University Roadhouse in Kalamazoo tomorrow night.

– Short’s Brewing Co. is hosting the Paddle to Paddle kayaking event on April 27th this year. Register for this free event for a day of fun.

– Iowa’s first annual Craft Brew Festival is set for Saturday May 21! Find out all the details here.


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