Leap Day Suds: February 29

You all have an extra day of craft beer goodness this year and there are plenty of ways to use it. Crack open a Surly Bender and get this day started already!

– Boulder Tap House in St. Cloud to feature Third Street Brewhouse taps.

– Leap Day means $2.50 pints at Town Hall Brewery.

– Be sure to make your reservations for tomorrow’s Summit Beer Dinner at the Lexington in St. Paul.

– From Wisconsin and love beer? Check out the Wisconsin Brewers Guild Beer Lovers package.

Salt of the Earth’s beer and wine dinner series are continuing on March 14. Make your reservations soon.

Angela Merkel has not had good luck fluids of any kind…

– In the immortal words of Billy Madison: You BLEW IT!!!

Great article on Schlafy Brewing and it’s owner who wants to get rid of the craft beer/macro beer distinction.

Bell’s Leap Day Multi-tap Celebration at O’Connor’s.

What are you drinking on your extra day this year? Tweet @MidwestBeer or post a photo on our Facebook page. 


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