Suds: March 2

Today marks the birthday of a man that brought a smile to most of faces growing up. You probably wouldn’t recognize him by a photo or by his real name, Theodor Geisel, but here’s a hint: he doesn’t like green eggs and ham and he knows a cat that wears a goofy looking hat. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Thanks for all of the great childhood memories. Check out this great gallery in Minneapolis that has a special Dr. Seuss art collection on display and crack open a Gumballhead from 3 Floyds, who are like the dark, heavy-metal Dr. Seuss of the craft brewing world.

Photo courtesy of the 3 Floyds website.

Now for some Suds:

Schell’s Brewing Company taps a special firkin tonight at Patrick’s in St. Peter, MN.

– Good news for the Madison culinary scene: Underground Kitchen is close to finding a new home.

Lucid Brewing secures a tap at Senser’s in Roseville. Come by and celebrate tonight.

– Spring must be just around the corner because I am smelling the Bedlam!

Mother’s Brewing is embarking on a project to recreate ancient brews and will be tapping a firkin of cocoa nib, vanilla bean and coffee stout tonight. Whoa!

Speaking of stouts, Lift Bridge will be releasing their Irish Stout on March 10. Get your tickets to the release party today.

– Thr3e Wise Men Brewing is undergoing a major expansion. Get the details of what it means to Indiana here.

– An Indiana beer festival with a heart. Story here, tickets here.

Need more Suds! So do we, tweet @MidwestBeer for beer recommendations or let us know what you’re drinking right now.


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