Suds: March 5

Happy belated birthday to the City of Big Shoulders! The city I call home turned 175 yesterday amidst a full-blown urban renewal. What many feared would become another rust-belt casualty now houses some of the strongest industries in the United States. Learn more from the Chicago Historical Society, and check out this nice recap of the past 175 years from the Sun-Times.

I can see my house from here!

And now that the times are changing, I see no better beer for the occasion than a Dyanmo from our friends over at Metropolitan. Cheers, and on to Suds.

-I keep forgetting to post her stories, but Jessica over at Girls Like Beer Too writes some great stuff.

-Learn to pour beer the right way from Northern Brewer.

-Some love for Chicago’s South Side and its own vibrant beer culture.

-I love this idea: Short’s Black Cherry Porter from the cellar.

-More cellar drinking at the Happy Gnome.

-Let’s just get our stout needs out of the way. We probably won’t discuss stouts until next November.

Apparently Chicago style uses home-brewers rather than homebrewers or home brewers. Okay, then.

-Finally, make no small plans. I know we never do.

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