Hoptellectual: The Howler Conundrum

I had a completely different topic for today’s Hoptellectual, but feel obligated to address an issue that has been burning in the back of mind for a while now only to be brought to the forefront by the rather rousing comments from Howler’s front-man, Jordan Gatesmith. The ordeal has been succinctly covered by Andrea Swenson at The Current, who also offers a link to the full podcast interview, but in short Gatesmith takes issue with Minneapolis’ support of undeserving local bands.

After reading the article, help yourself to a Surly Furious and get your thinking-cap on because I want to open this one up for discussion. Using the examples of The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Prince, Gatesmith is suggesting that a “good” music scene is defined by producing bands and artists that make a splash nationally or internationally.

The question: Is Jordan Gatesmith right to berate Minneapolis’ music scene? And on a larger scale beyond Minneapolis, what constitutes a “good music scene”?

Let the conversation begin. Can you dig IT!!!!


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