Suds: March 7

Running behind today, so it’ll just be some links and Brian Eno tunes:

I forgot to mention that Michael Stipe is also there. And Stephen Colbert. I’m a terrible pundit, especially considering Super Tuesday passed yesterday. Grab some Schlitz, it’s time for Suds.

-Seriously, the Isthmus cannot have enough of these places. I can’t believe how many times I visited the Old Fashioned, Cooper’s and Graze on the same evening.

Get Surly at the Blue Nile.

-What I wouldn’t give for a great Doppelbock right now.

Or a Dunkel Weizen. This Midwest beer research is killing me.

-I’ve always wondered about small-batch brewing. Great stuff, as always.

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (deep breath) HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Molson Coors is making Coors Light Iced Tea to compete in the rough and tumble macrobrew market. I could think of at least a million better ways to boost market presence, and none of them include the words “ice” or “tea.”

-Finally, get your camping gear ready. New Belgium is canning.

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