Suds: March 9

Allright, so I’m still reeling from actually getting through the W.A.S.T.E. and picking up Radiohead tickets yesterday. I don’t really talk too much about Radiohead, mainly because they’ve been ubiquitous in my life since about the age of fourteen. I just assume that when you meet me, you know I already I love them and have no real reason to talk about it further.

One of the greatest things about Radiohead’s website is the ability to look at their past incarnations. Though the records serve as the best dividers, the websites give some insight into what everyone was thinking about while putting the records together (“There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is another tunnel,” or more famously, “Fitter. Happier. More productive.”).

So dig in to the memory hole, flip on some Radiohead, grab yourself a Contorter Porter from Ale Asylum and let’s get to Suds.

An interesting look at the corporate microbrew scene from Chicagoist. Although the interviewer makes a valid point, I wish they were a bit nicer to the guy. After all, he’s making sure people drink good beer!

-Great photos to accompany the interview from our friend over at Good Beer Hunting. My goal in life is to look this good in a photograph.

Some Brewer’s Association news.

Ol’ Blarney at Town Hall in MPLS.

Occupy the Local Option when your done occupying other things.

This one’s for you, master homebrewer.

-Finally, where I end and the rest of you begin.

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