Andrew Bird Suds: March 12

Andrew Bird is an eccentric fellow, who has continued to evolve musically over countless studio and live albums. His music is more of a family tree than a discography, each song passing down traits to Bird’s re-conceptions. Even the long-lost brother that was Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire and its gypsy fiddling has come back into the family with a beautiful mixing of Sweetbreads and Dark Matter into Sweetmatter. His latest offering, Break It Yourself, is in direct lineage of Noble Beast and Zephyrus; a flighty collection of songs with whimsical violin flourishes appearing throughout. Crack open a Half Acre Gossamer from Andrew’s hometown and take a listen to “Eyeoneye.”

Now for Suds:

– Another nice review of Summit’s new Dunkelweizen. I see a growler of it in my fridge in the near future.

– Did you try to get your hands on some Founders KBS at the release party with no luck? Check out what Founders has to say about it.

– It’s March Madness for basketball and beer too. Schlitz pulls an upset in the first rounds.

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. is making a comeback in Michigan. Maybe they’ll make the tournament next year.

New Belgium to enter Michigan this August.

Ol’ Blarney makes it in time for St. Patrick’s Day at Town Hall.

– Another landmark bill for craft beer in Minnesota tries to make it through.

– Wonder where your Bud Light came from? Me neither, but if you are interested I guess there’s a website.

Lakefront Brewery and Leinenkugel’s team up again for a collabeeration.

You’re fuckin’ Andrew Bird!” – Drunken Fan “True Statement”- Andrew Bird

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  1. Anthony Cefali

    I met Andrew Bird at Pitchfork a few years ago. My friend asked me if “that homeless looking guy over there” resembled Andrew Bird. I went up and shook his hand and said thanks for the music (it was, in fact, Andrew Bird).

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