Irish Suds: March 16

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and that means one thing–thousands of innocent beers are going to be subjected to the inhumanity of green dye. If only our Constitution protected our sudsy friends from cruel and unusual punishment, we could save the pints from the annual coloring. Show your support for beer by hoisting a nice, dark Irish stout of your choice. Or better yet, ask for a Finnegans Irish Amber and do some good in the world!

And if you feel the need to dye anything green, let it be the Chicago River.

– Duluth’s newest alehouse, Tycoons, continues their Grand Opening celebrations with Communist Daughter playing tonight!

– St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewing celebrates their 5th Anniversary with Two Fingers Double IPA.

– Barley John’s Brewpub celebrates 12 years of craft beer with their Anniversary Menu.

– Great news from Wisconsin, the Home-Brew Bill passes!

– Looking for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Wisconsin?

Chitown On Tap has a list of great events for Chicagoans this weekend.

– Weekend events for all our friends in the UP and the LP of the MI.

Indianapolis is ready for the Irish too.

What is your drink of choice on St. Patrick’s Day? Tweet @MidwestBeer or leave a comment below!


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