Suds: March 19

Although St. Patrick’s Day gets all the credit, I always look forward to the holiday right around the corner. According to anecdotal evidence from all the Italian-Americans I know (my family included), St. Joseph’s day is a day to eat lots of good Italian food. My grandmother always makes a lasagna on that day, from start to finish. With a dedication often reserved for brewing beer, my grandmother makes the dough, rolls the pasta, cooks the sauce and invites everyone over for dinner. Though I won’t be able to make it this year, I certainly will salivate at the thought. (Here’s an abridged and spotty history of St. Joseph’s Day.)

In honor of St. Joseph’s day, grab yourself a Birra Moretti and let’s get to Suds.

Another year, another Dark Lord Day. You’re still not getting tickets.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company headed back to the historic downtown.

-Beer Here: Serendipity from Red Eye Brewing.

-They exist: Cider geeks.

-Some good info on the Goose Island small batch series.

-It’s never too early to get excited: Great Taste of the Midwest.

-Finally, Rahm Emanuel is sick and tired of kale.

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