Suds: March 23

We have our reasons for not getting too political on this blog. Beer and politics do not make good bedfellows unless you’re in a group of like-minded people, and even then things can spiral out of control. In light of this, we all agree that voting makes a huge difference in our day to day lives. In an article in the National Journal on polarization in Congress (a publication with which I have a tenuous link), Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Massachusetts) pointed to the role of voter participation in our current gridlock: “We are elected, not appointed…Too many Americans have ignored their civic obligation to get involved. They don’t vote in primaries, and they leave the decision to the zealots on either side.”

Definitely something worth thinking about as you mull over your political choices this fall. We’re in the midst of primary season, so please do your civic duty. We will remind you, but you must take some responsibility at some point.

Also, opening up a beer after voting feels pretty great. Not beer-in-the-shower great, but pretty great. I’ve been on an Oskar Blues kick, so grab some Dale’s Pale Ale and let’s get to Suds.

-Administrative Nonsense: Brian and I will be taking next week off, so you’ll have to find your random collection of links and literary/ecology criticisms elsewhere. May I suggest getting a head start on those books piling up for summertime reading?

NINE DAYS UNTIL BEDLAM! BEDLAM BEDLAM BEDLAM IT’S GOING TO BE BEDLAM! Anyone want to pick up a case or six for me? There’s a reason you can never get the stuff for a Double Bubble at the Old Fashioned.

-You can never have nearly enough news about Bedlam.

-I could really, really, really use a Saturday like this in my life. Luckily for the good people of Minnesota, it’s happening tomorrow at Firkin Fest.

-These guys certainly do not mess around: The Round Barn Brewery and Distillery.

Three Floyds laying down the law (a good one).

-Based on color alone, I do not support Steve Dolinsky’s pick for beer of the week (though his blog is fantastic). I expect better from Badgers.

-Finally, I just don’t understand the goals of Cap Brewing.

Need more than just sun? Then you’re crazy. Just go outside already. We’ll be here when you get back. Tweet (@midwestbeer), Facebook or email us(

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