Suds: April 2

‘Tis the season of summer ales and what a season it is for beer drinkers in the Midwest. The release of Bell’s Oberon is enough to celebrate the coming greeneries of summer, but Ale Asylum’s Bedlam certainly sends the festivities into full swing. Summer also means the re-opening of a Madison landmark, the Memorial Union Terrace. In the summer, the Terrace is a living, breathing organism fueled by pitchers of beers and cultured with students, professors and alumni sharing ideas and reminiscing about former glories. Find your own “Terrace” in your city and crack open a Bell’s Oberon to properly celebrate the warm weather.

Memorial Union Terrace

Let the Wild Rumpus start!

– Tonight, get over to Great Waters Brewing Company in St. Paul for an All Cask Beer Dinner.

– Tomorrow, Toripuru Strong Bock will flow at the Herkimer. This one’s not for the faint of heart.

Upland Brewing’s Lambic will open up for reservations soon. Be ready, this will fill up fast.

– Get your tickets for Sour Wild Funk Fest today and secure a reservation for an Upland Lambic.

BEDLAM! BEDLAM!!!!!! Oh, and did I mention…BEDLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Reckless Records and 3 Floyds team up to create Rye’d Da Lightning, a rye pale ale ready for release on Record Store Day 2012. Epic.

– Check out what’s on Tap over at Heavy Table.

– Great recap on craft brewing in 2011 by the Beer Baron at the Wisconsin State Journal.

– Doth thou lovest thyself? If thou say yay, drinkest a tankard of Oberon!

– Looking for a new pub in the Chicago area? The Chicago Reader has you covered.

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