Suds: April 4

Anthony’s recent article on invasive species changing the context of an ecosystem was a good look at the shifting paradigms in ecology and it is ever more relevant with the continued conversation on Asian carp being introduced to the upper Mississippi. Scientists in Lacrosse, WI are developing a “bio-bullet” to poison the carp that are threatening to destabilize the river ecosystem. However, some scientists are asking about the unintended consequences. Take a look at this article explaining how the microparticle poison would work and check this video out of what rivers in Illinois are becoming.

– My God, Lemon! Does it get any better than this beer flight?

– Check out this installment of Brewing TV for a few laughs.

– Minneapolis’ Ginger Hop will be tapping Boulder’s Bad Moon Risin’ accidental brilliance at 5:00pm tonight!

– If you’re not a believer in Rock Bottom, then read MwBC friend Michael Kiser’s post from Good Beer Hunting and check out this special release in Minneapolis!

– Sheboygan-based 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. this week began distribution of four new craft beers.

– Wisconsin’s Gitchee Gumee Beer Fest is around the corner.

Missouri Beer Fest is happening this Saturday.

– The Spring Ale Fest in Minneapolis is also this Saturday.

Finally, the Peoria International Beer Fest is coming up soon.

Carp-e Diem! Find out how Asian carp will affect your local habitats and see what steps you can take to curb the spread. 


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