Suds: April 6

Opening day. The words carry with them the history of America’s pastime and the promise of a new chapter to come. They awaken the spirits of baseball legends like Ruth and Cobb, Williams and Wagner and Aaron and Mantle and call today’s players to achieve the unthinkable. There is the beauty of a no-hitter, the power of a home-run, the speed of a stolen base, the acrobatics of an amazing play in the field and the strategy of a skipper leading his team to the World Series. It’s worthy of the fanfare and of the name, America’s Favorite Pastime.

Check out this clip from Ken Burn’s Baseball  if you need more convincing and have yourself a Bell’s Oberon because summer is finally here.

Fitger’s Brewpub in Duluth has a great line up of beers on tap.

– Lift Bridge celebrates their bottles being back in stores with a tasting at Thomas Liquors in St. Paul tonight.

Sorry Minhas, better just stick to Mountain Crest.

Brewery Vivant to distribute in Chicago.

James Bond will be drinking beer in the next movie. And people are actually upset.

Target Field is adding local beers to their list this baseball season.

– Looking for somewhere fun to have your next pint? Check out Firkin in Libertyville, IL.

– Or if you’re in Michigan, check out the Hopcat!

– Not to be confused with Hopleaf in Chicago.

– If you’re in Wisconsin, you have to check out the Malt House. You can read what’s it’s all about here.

Who is your favorite baseball player of all-time? Tweet @MidwestBeer or post on our Facebook.


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