Suds: April 11

Harkening back to our first Friday Four Pack, here are a bunch of awesome dudes wearing Wisconsin paraphernalia playing some sweet tunes:

I don’t have too much to say other than you need to listen to as much as you can by Sat. Nite Duets—Silver Jews comparisons be damned! Brian’s Hoptellectual covered the spreading of ideas. In a post-modern society, it seems, all bets are off.

In honor of Lagunitas’ Chicago brewery, grab a Red Imperial Ale, and let’s get to Suds.

More information on why, exactly, Lagunitas picked Chicago, and what that means for the beer scene.

-Yikes, dropped the ball on this one: Founders Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.

-If you read one thing today, please read this from our friend Michael over at Good Beer Hunting. Nothing makes me want to hit the open road than photos this gorgeous and some great prose. Seriously great stuff:

“…there’s simply no comparison for me — the Endless Mountain region of the Appalachians, wide, winding rivers, and the undulating pastures. But maybe that’s how anyone feels about their home state. It’s biological as much as it is psychological. There’s the womb, your first home, and your original geography.”

-Beer Here: Hop Whoopin’ from O’So.

3 Sheeps in Sheboygan is set for distribution. There’s always room for one more beer in Wisconsin, because, after all, it’s Wisconsin.

57 Taps! I would kill to see 57 taps…

-As a firm supporter of beer regionalism, I do not approve of this statistic.

-We cannot possibly mention this enough: Kenosha Beer and Cheese Fest.

-Finally, because it’s the cup, let’s go Hawks.

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