Brew for Thought: Surly Furious

American history, and the history of Western Civilization overall, is steeped in revolution. The epic shifts in political power, religious dominance, philosophical thought, and movements in art have all had a hand in shaping the cultural landscape of modern day and each had a catalyst that launched simmering undercurrents into full-fledged revolutions. The American Revolution had the Boston Tea Party; Modernism had Pablo Picasso; Christianity had Martin Luther and The Ninety-Five Theses; and the Minnesotan craft beer revolution has Surly Furious.

For years, the standard of Minnesotan craft brewing was Summit Brewing Company, who quietly and without much fanfare served fine craft beers to the residents of the North Star State. Still, macro brews dominated the local market and craft beer remained an underground movement. That is, until one homebrewing entrepreneur got a little surly about the situation and started Surly Brewing Company. With a mission to oust the common swill plaguing the Minnesotan beer scene in favor of bold flavors, Surly gave craft beer a strong, unified voice and became a rallying point for the oncoming revolution.

Furious, Surly’s flagship beer, is the very essence of the brewery’s mission: full of bold and aggressive flavors that make an indelible impression on the drinker’s palate. It tastes like a glorious victory against the tyranny of bad beer akin to the Delacroix painting depicting “La Liberté.” Join the ranks of Surly Nation by cracking into a can of Furious and proclaim, “Vive la Bière!”

Best Enjoyed: After drinking a can of Beast Ice.

Best Paired With: A rack of ribs and corn on the cob.

Where to Find: In Minnesota. Anthony was able to find some out in D.C. too, but it sported a hefty pricetag.

Visit Surly’s website to find out more about this booming brewery.


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  1. mplsgossipgirl

    It is currently on sale at Haskell’s in Minnesota!

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