Music Department: Friday Four Pack

Editor’s Note: Sorry about this! Had some technical difficulties, but the mix still rules.

Here at MwBC we’re constantly trying to come up with sweet ways to enjoy beer. Music was a logical choice, so naturally the next step in the progression would be to add women. Nine out of ten guys polled said that, “Drinking beer, while listening to music, in the presence of women, felt as good as a day-long Doctor Who marathon.” Needless to say, that feels pretty darn good. So crack open a Tyranena Bitter Woman, and toast the other (more beautiful) half of society.

Recap: Some pretty hip chicks.

-“Jerome,” Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes (2011)

-“Beechwood 4-5879,” The Marvelettes, A-Side of a single from 1962

-“Nightmusic,” Grimes ft. Majical Cloudz, Visions (2012)

-“The Fairest of the Seasons,” Nico, Chelsea Girl (1967)

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