Suds: April 23

So I decided to stop messing around with home brewing. Making good beer requires an effort above and beyond Papazian’s keystone Complete Joy of Homebrewing. Not to say Papazian’s book is not the most important and useful brewing resource—it most certainly is—but other thinkers have provided an immense amount of structural support to let all of us home brewing novices reconsider and improve the way we brew beer. I recently picked up a copy of Randy Mosher’s superb Radical Brewing, a wealth of beer history and recipes to compliment the trials and tribulations of any brewer.

I found out about Randy’s work during an interview with everyone over at Metropolitan Brewing (including the brewery dog, Phelps). Randy made the distinctly metropolitan artwork for the bottles and really tied the whole project together. We always give credit to our favorite beers and breweries, but we often forget the people who make it possible. So raise a Krankshaft to the dedicated many who pass on all we need to continue making beer, and let’s get to Suds.

-Sounds like Wisconsin to me, and I love it: Six regional brewers collaborate on Wisconsin Common, a Madison Craft Beer Week commemorative beer.

-Beer Here: Booyah from Milwaukee Brew Co.

-More beer reviews: Round Barn Brewery in Michigan.

My favorite kind of TV is brew TV!

-If you’re a fan of sweet beer photos (and seriously, who isn’t?), please check this out. Way too awesome.

Gold Smoke from Goose Island.

-Missed this, but definitely noteworthy: Greg Hall’s Virtue Cider released it’s first batch.

-Finally, let’s go Hawks.

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