Brew for Thought: Founders Dirty Bastard

Dirty Bastard

Photo courtesy of the Founders Brewing Co. website

There are times in life that we all need to give in to our cravings and indulge. For some of us, that may mean having that double-chocolate ganache dessert after dinner. For others, it may mean having one more old fashioned at your favorite bar. Sometimes it means doing something you know if bad for you like lighting up a nice cigar for a special occasion. But for me it’s cracking open a chilled bottle of Founders Brewing Company’s Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale.

In full disclosure I am not a huge scotch ale drinker, but when you need a Wee Heavy ale there are few better than Dirty Bastard. This is an ale that doesn’t toy around with subtleties. For Dirty Bastard, there is no room for a delicate touch. Instead it smacks you in the face with strong malt and peat flavors, a pleasantly bitter hop profile and a full, smooth body. Sitting at 8.5% abv, this ale’s strong personality is likely to offend some beer drinkers, but no matter. Like the honey badger, Dirty Bastard doesn’t give a s***.

It finds its friends in those of us that need boldness and feel the need to favor strength over grace. For all of my ecology friends, this is not a complicated system easily thrown into disarray by a miscalculation. This is a resilient system that has slack built-in so it can always get work done.

So forgo that glass of scotch you were planning on pouring yourself after work and swap it with this scotch style ale because sometimes you just need to indulge.

Best Enjoyed: With a cigar after a long week at work

Best Paired With: Barbecue

Where to Find: Across the Midwest, stretching to the East Coast.

Find more great beers from Founders by visiting their website.


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