Suds: April 30

Imagine having a running fever for an entire year. Now imagine having a 165-show tour, playing in a different state and sometimes country every night. That is the backdrop to Xan Aranda’s concert documentary, Fever Year, which follows musician Andrew Bird as he limps (literally) across the finish line of his marathon tour. Rarely do we get a glimpse of Bird’s personality other than the eccentric comments he makes between songs during his concerts, but this documentary approaches his personal life with delicacy and grace. True to the spirit of an Andrew Bird concert, find this documentary at a film fest near you because it is a one-time affair. Crack open a Finch Cut Throat Pale Ale and enjoy the trailer.

– A nice write-up on Harriet Brewing’s Sol Bock Revival courtesy the fine folks at Heavy Table.

– Don’t be scared of this Dangerous Man. He just makes good beer.

– Tomorrow night there is a Cask Ale Beer Dinner at Great Waters Brewing Co.

Beer Here! It’s Pearl Street Brewing’s D.T.B. Brown Ale.

Bell’s Brewery to sell?! Maybe…

A nice write-up on Virtue Cider’s RedStreak from ex-Goose Island brewer Greg Hall.

– Great article on Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head including what happened to his show Brewmasters.

Dark Lord Day came and went and a good time was had by all 6,000+.

The Beer Dabbler will be putting on festivals all summer long.

– Another colla-beer-ation that should yield a tasty product.

At the MwBC we’re all for Colla-beer-ation, so give us a shout by tweeting @MidwestBeer or sending an e-mail to and let’s get brewing


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