Suds: May 2

It’s official. Memorial Union Terrace on Lake Mendota in Madison is 100 years old! The social mecca of local Madisonians, students and alumni alike, the terrace offers a respite from the gruel of schoolwork and office work with its calming view of the lake and ever-flowing pitchers of beer. When Spring comes and the sun burst chairs are put out, the terrace has a gravity all its own that draws in all of Madison for unknown reasons. For those of us that were fortunate enough to spend four years at the terrace it has become a part of personal history: it’s where we grew from obnoxiously naive freshman into invincible sophomores into self-assured and adventurous juniors into the nostalgic post-grads we are today.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Terrace by visiting this summer, drinking a pitcher of Ale Asylum Hopalicious and playing a game of cribbage. Check out their events page to find the perfect weekend to make the trek.

Fitger’s beer is back in Duluth?!

– Brewed Awakening book events coming up in Minnesota.

Bell’s is opening their new brewery to the public on May 19.

– What? You need another reason to go to Madison? How about Madison Craft Beer Week starting this Friday.

– Don’t worry Minnesota, you can have your cake and eat it too. Minnesota Craft Beer Week starts May 13. Here we come Madison!

– Check out what Sun King has brewing up on their events page.

– Surly Brewing is hosting a fundraiser and brewery tour in memory of Ultimate player, Marty Bakko.

– Congratulations to Great Lakes Brewing being named Best Local Beer by Cleveland Magazine.

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