Brew for Thought: Totally Naked from New Glarus Brewing

I spent a while today scouring my new beer books for the simplest possible recipes. Not because I want to brew them, but because I wanted to see how automatic of a process brewing can be. I wanted to know how to do more with less, how different crystal malts can be, how much variation different hop varieties can provide. In the end, the beers I make all include water, hops, malt and yeast. These ingredients serve as a jumping-off point for a number of things: conversations, friendships, commonalities. Perhaps a simple beer can simplify this rather complex equation?

Totally Naked is New Glarus’ way of saying, “come as you are.” Interesting thing about the labeling, Totally Naked gets no additional design. This is beer, as it was meant to be drank, just for the pure joy of drinking it. Not exceptionally malty or hoppy, this beer makes its name by being refreshing and somehow meeting a drinkers needs with little room for anything else. You taste the malt, the hops, even the crispness of the lagering yeast, and it all tastes good. Not much more to say, for a minimalist beer requires few words.

A summer offering, Totally Naked is not a bad way to spend your time.

Best Enjoyed: Totally naked.

Best Paired With: Feta nachos. Or some stinky gruyere.

Find It: Moo-sconsin.

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