Suds: May 4

Ten points to this guy for his ingenius liquid metal battery. 25 points to his staff of post-grads and doctoral students that helped him actually create it. Hurray, for grad students! You make the research & development world go round.

Half Acre is opening a taproom and guests can get food delivered from local restaurants. Brilliant colla-beer-ation!

Finch Beer is hosting a Kickstarter campaign for Galerie F featuring limited edition screen prints.

– Really cool opportunity for fellow beer bloggers: “At Zephyr Adventures, we have teamed up with World Class Beer,UntappdNew Belgium and Draft Magazine to give away two spots on our upcoming Colorado Hike, Bike, Beer and BrewPubs adventure plus roundtrip airfare to Denver.”

Bell’s is on the docket for Fitty’s First Friday tasting at Thomas Liquor.

– Cinco de Maibock at Town Hall tomorrow.

– The 15th Annual Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival is set for July 27 & 28.

– Calling all Madisonians (and Wisconsinites at large)! Madison Craft Beer Week is underway!

Beer Baron on the Wisconsin colla-beer-ation, Common Thread Ale.

– A new tour brings Twin Cities residents to three local breweries.


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