Suds: May 9

Ooooh boy. Looks like time slipped away from us. Between finals, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and the beckoning of summer, I’ve found little time for thinking about beer (although I did put in an order to Northern Brewer for 2 sets of beer ingredients). Here are some tunes to get you ready for summer:

I could use a Spotted Cow right now, so grab one for me and let’s get to Suds.

-Seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s Madison Craft Beer Week!

-Lots of winners and losers at the World Beer Cup, but this article was the most accessible for me: Revolution Brewing takes home some gold. For a list of winners, follow this link.

-Beer Here: Hinterland Brewing’s Saison.

-I, for one, never thought Naperville (!) could be home to something this cool. Awesome design, looking forward to the beer.

-Per usual, great political coverage from a bunch of guys drinking beer.

Yeast pitching rates and what it means for you.

Indeed, it is time.

-Finally, not beer related and apparently for people 60 and over, but this looks like an awesome few days on the Mighty Mississippi.

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