Suds: May 11th

My day is full of moments where all I can say, emphatically, is “huzzah, science!” This blog started because of our fascination will the finer things in life: yeast ecology, complex predator-prey relationships, old-growth forests, succession and canopy-hole ecology (when a tree falls, an abundance of life sprouts up underneath, including morels). For every major question, humans have offered up both thoughtful and asinine responses, but there’s one question that just sort-of continues to linger: Why is there something rather than nothing?

Huzzah! Supermoon!

I haven’t read too much on the subject other than the standard texts, and I don’t think that I’ve come any closer to understanding, even with all the conversations I’ve had. However, I strongly believe with enough Bedlam, and enough good company, we can all reach a satisfactory answer.

-“If it’s not from Wisconsin, it’s not in this beer.” I don’t care that it’s a weiss beer, I would drink this all summer long. And the Badger red looks great on the label. Great stuff from Lakefront.

Why this is the Trib’s beer of the month in May, I have no idea. Regardless, Robert the Bruce is one of the best things you could drink, ever. Seriously, though, don’t drink too many.

-Not too soon to be planning your Mother’s Day that takes place after Mother’s Day.

-Missed this: Small Bar Fullterton to become The Beer Bistro.

This photo and article on Madison food carts is not to be missed. Long live the Isthmus.

-Bell’s is opening a new production facility, and they sure aren’t afraid to celebrate it.

-I will certainly be planning a stop to Minnesota for my Midwest road trip for one of these farm dinners.

-Finally, lots of awesome things on this brief Eater post. My mom grew up around the corner from Freddy’s and Mr. Banos is a good friend of my dad’s. Great taste in pizza all around.

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