Suds: June 18

The Twin Cities have been a source of some of the best underground hip hop in the nation for the past decade. Thanks to the national success of Atmosphere, artists like Brother Ali, Toki Wright, Doomtree (and its individual artists SIMS, Dessa, Lazerbeak, and POS among others) and Eyedea and Abilities are now on the map. The collective Doomtree has been making a big splash this past year and looks to be taking the banner from Atmosphere who had led the Twin Cities movement thus far. Their latest album, No Kings, was well received and for good reason–it’s a great album. But there is one hip hop group that continually garners shoulder shrugs and quizzical looks whenever I mention their name.

Heiruspecs, out of St. Paul, meld jazz and rock into some of the best live hip hop I’ve ever seen. If you have never heard of them, check out their music video for “5ves” and crack open a St. Paul brew, Summit Saga.

Now for Suds:

Summit Beer dinner at Cocina del Barrio tonight. There are only a few tickets left.

The Better Beer Society is selling tickets for its Brown Bag Blind tasting #2 event. Get them before they are sold out!

Hopped Up Caribou Beer Festival is sure to be one of the coolest (Get it? It’s up north.) beer festivals around!

Beer Here: Three Kings Ale from Stevens Point Brewery

Entrepreneur from Chicago to open Strange Pelican Brewery.

– Tickets are on sale now for Michigan’s Summer Festival.

– Who’s got better beer? Minnesota or Wisconsin? It’s a battle royale.

Boulevard Brewing gets a much deserved honor.

– If you haven’t seen it yet, the folks at the Beer Dabbler have just published the first edition of The Growler, a bimonthly beer magazine.

Have Suds withdrawl? No worries! We’re back in full-force for all your craft beer needs! Tweet @MidwestBeer, we’d love to catch up.


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