Suds: June 20

Okay, so it’s a little hot today. PBR stands in nicely if you don’t want to drink water anymore, you’ll sweat it right out. On the upside, it’s the first day of summer, and that means you need to plan some sort of trip that allows you to float down a river. Tributaries like the Kickapoo, with it’s fantastic glacial markings, that feed into the Wisconsin River are a little bit low this time of year, but don’t let that stop you. The further north you go—Rhinelander, Door County—the more connected the waterways become. Sounds like a good time for an adventure to me.

The Mighty Wisconsin River

For the record, Hopalicious goes great with some river floating. Get outside and do good. Let’s get to Suds.

-People of South Bend, IN, I present your local tap listings. Looks delicious.

-We chronicled this before, but it bears mentioning again: get your short story published on a six pack of beer. Really getting into the idea of microfiction, neat stuff.

-Get ready for some international awesomeness as our friend from Good Beer Hunting embarks on a sudsy journey to Sweden.

More on Solemn Oath Brewing. I still can’t believe cool things are happening in Naperville…

-Port Huron brewing opens in the Wisconsin Dells. The waterpark capital of the Midwest looks to become a beer destination as well? I certainly hope so, it would make the annual family vacation so much more interesting.

-Beer Here: Booyah from Milwaukee Brewing Company.

-Finally, this Badger Hill release party sounds pretty cool to me.

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