Suds: June 25

Don Draper once said, “Change isn’t good or bad. It just is.” As I get older, I find solace in things that just don’t change [1]. I remember years ago I purchased a Low record based on the recommendation of Chicago’s predictable and soporiferous rock critic Greg Kot. Kot cited a dramatic shift from Low’s previous style as a cause for excitement. As an awkward teenager, I always really liked the quiet side of Low, and the prospect of them trying something new appealed greatly to me. The Great Destroyer, as many more progressive music critics point out, was a flop. It didn’t even represent a huge shift in the band’s ethos, just louder guitars.

This brings me to a question: what’s wrong with a band picking a sound and doing it exceptionally well? For every transcendent Yankee Hotel Foxtrot we get ten Future Embrace-level messes. There’s something to be said for consistency and reliability of a band like, say, the Fruit Bats. No, certainly no surprises, but the warm folky overtones and slick guitar work stand out because of exactly how good they are [2].

So grab an old standby for today’s Suds. I’m drinking a Hopalicious, and so should you.

-Haven’t checked in with our friend over at The Girl and Her Beer lately. She never disappoints: beer can chicken and some serious slaw.

-More friends here: good luck finding the latest from Doug and Tracy at Metropolitan. The Arc Welder Dunkel Rye has left good impressions around Chicago.

-A nice legal perspective on Wisconsin beer distribution considering some recent shenanigans between a brewer and a distributer in Arizona.

Unchain another Summit, my friends.

5 questions with Carolyn Armstrong of Flossmoor Station. I think the photo of the family dressed for winter is quintessential Chicago suburbs and equally hilarious.

-Finally, are you among the 5% of American adults that have consumed a microbrew lately? Honestly, I find their methods and classifications disturbing.

[1] I also find it terrifying that some of our most reliable constants, the seasons, seem to differ from year to year with little rhyme or reason.

[2] Eric Johnson hails from Chicago. Bonus points!

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