Suds: June 27

It’s hump day, which means at the end of the day we’re all going to say, “Hey, pass me a beer.” Crack open your favorite stress relieving brew, mine is Bell’s Two-Hearted and check out this great video.

New Holland’s beer dinner at Amsterdam Bar and Hall is tonight!

– I had Badger Hill for the Growler Release Party, but don’t miss the official release at Senor Wong tomorrow.

Beer for dogs? I can’t feel my legs anymore…

University of Minnesota is heading up research on growing hops. C’mon Wisconsin, where were on that one?

– Brewmaster in the Wisconsin Dells names his brewery after Michigan town he’s never been to. The MwBC does not condone such actions since brews should have honest regional pride.

O’so Brewing’s creative growing along with the brewery as they hire a graphic designer for their brand.

Want Nickelback to endorse your beer? Well, they’ll have the time since Dark Horse shot them down.

Meet the brewers of the Fulton & Wood Series Black Mission at the Beer Bistro in Chicago.

– It’s time for the Red Scare from Revolution Brewing.

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