Brew for Thought: Thumbprint Saison from New Glarus

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with saisons. From Saison DuPont to the over-hopped, Spotted Cow wannabe I brewed, something draws me to the flavor. A lot has to do with the ability of the saison yeast to produce robust flavors without sacrificing the refreshing aspects of beers. With the record heat baking the midwest, everyone could use a saison (let’s all be thankful this is not Colorado. Oh boy). I could use a few of New Glarus’ Thumbprint Series—I should be so lucky.

Dubbed a Farmhouse Ale by Dan and Deb, they note that historically farmers drank these beers to cap off a day working in the fields. Think Spotted Cow with an indelible twist, an artistic afterthought hinting at the deeper potential of life. If life is about richness, then I only want to drink this beer on my front stoop with a loyal canine companion.

Hops are easily overlooked in this equations, a careful balance to the spicy flavors imparted by the yeast’s smooth fermentation and the inclusion of the “Grains of Paradise.” Paradise in a bottle, you may say? One with glaciated plains that drain into cool lakes with exposed limestone all around? How Wisconsin! Good luck finding that anywhere outside of the state…

Best Enjoyed: After a hard day of work.

Best Paired With: Sunshine

Find It: The Badger State

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