Suds: July 9

Allons-y, Alonso! Le Tour has been upon us for over a week now and we haven’t dedicated a single kilobit to it. As proprietors of both good beer and nice bike rides, this feels very wrong—as if we’re losing the peloton.

Not this year’s tour, but still awesome and daunting.

I can’t tell you anything that you couldn’t find out on the Tour’s official page, but it’s been quite a way to cool off post-run. With riders topping out around 40 MPH and holding millimeters between themselves and the closest competitors, it’s something to behold.

Grab yourself a Spotted Cow, a great post-race refresher. Let’s get to Suds.

Celebrate Belgian Independence in MN. So awesome.

-Guys, All Pints North is happening much sooner than I thought. Tickets still available.

Win tickets to Brew Haven in New Haven, IN from MidwestMicroBrews.

-I love One Barrel Brewing Company and I want to drink there every day.

-Batten the hatches and get ready to drink more: Goose Island to release more BCBS this year.

-Why anyone would drink imported beers when Three Floyds is so close, I do not know, but the Trib has an interesting beer of the month choice.

-Finally, let’s all take a moment to get really excited about Batman.

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