Suds: July 13

I guess I should mention something about Friday the 13th? Not sure it’s especially pertinent anymore. Besides, I’ve got science on the brain (or in the brain, around the brain, everywhere). In honor of the Higgs boson particle, today let’s take a look back at one of the biggest blunders in recent science history: NASA’s claims of arsenic-based life.

Arsenic and Old Lace

Way back in 2010, rumors started spreading about a species of bacteria could use arsenic as a substitute for phosphorus in DNA. NASA got behind the discovery in a big way, citing galactic implications for the generation of life [1]. After the honeymoon, everything just sort of fell apart. Hundreds of scientists disputed the claims and went so far as to accuse Felisa Wolfe-Simon—the leading researcher—of practicing bad scientific technique [2]. For more hard science, check out this paper effectively destroying any previously conceived notions about life-sustaining arsenic and this comic [3].

It’s Friday, so who needs a drink? Grab a Daisy Cutter from Half Acre and let’s get to Suds.

-I seriously love this series: Guys drinking beer try some New Glarus from 2009. Keep on abiding, my friends.

I would kill to be this cold right now.

More beer from Sweden with some glorious photos. Awesome stuff.

Founder’s is 15!

-Don’t know if I believe this at all, but apparently some statistics show beer sales are down? Not sure relying on taxes is the way to go for charting this, but hey, I’m just a pantsless blogger.

Small brewmasters of Missouri, unite!

-Finally, seriously, everyone must take a trip to the Mustard Museum. It’s glorious.

[1] This ties into the idea that life originated somewhere else and was carried here, not unlike Prometheus, but probably way less contrived and painful to watch with 3d glasses. Interesting aside, the reason arsenic is poisonous to mammalian cells comes from its chemical structure. Arsenic sits directly below Phosphorous in the periodic table, and so when arsenic is present cells will mistake it for phosphorous and try to construct DNA out of it. The structure falls apart and you can guess what happens after that…

[2] Gasp!

[3] Stick tap to J.J. Berg for alerting me to this entire story.

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2 responses to “Suds: July 13

  1. “Pantsless blogger” LOL!!!

    Given the pedestal beer is put on around these parts, not that I blame ya, but would you consider it a waste to cook with beer? I am a cook, so I love it!

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