The Collective

What makes you think? Like really sit back and think. Maybe it’s Oscar Wilde, or space travel, or steam engines, or thermodynamics? Or maybe thinking is just something you do? Just sit back, fix your stare on a point and spiral outward. Here at the Midwest Beer Collective, we think about all of those things and more, we just happen have a beer on us when we think about them. Come check us out early and often as we guide you through the best of the beer world. There’s so much more to explore.

Midwest Beer Collective is Brian Kaufenberg and Anthony Cefali, two dharma bums and UW-Madison graduates.

Website design consultation and Midwest Beer Collective logo courtesy of our good friend and designer Eric Wiegmann.

Banner photography courtesy of Michael Kiser, the proprietor of Good Beer Hunting and other assorted internet curiosities.

You can contact us at Yes, we Tweet. And we Facebook.