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Suds: April 25

Last night, I hit up the Fulton Beer Dinner over at the Bulldog NE and enjoyed a flight of their beers paired with tasty, well-portioned eats. Among those eats I had my second memorable run-in with pork belly, an increasingly popular cut of pork akin to bacon. If you have the means (i.e. a good local butcher) I highly recommend getting a cut of pork belly and using it in my favorite recipe. In the mean time, check out this new installment of Brewing TV and crack open your favorite chocolate stout–a Rush River Nevermore is a good option.

– Tonight at the Pig & Fiddle in Minneapolis is the Tallgrass Beer Dinner. Check out the menu here and make your reservations.

– Tomorrow, don’t miss the Summit Beer Dinner at Seasons Tavern in Hudson, WI for a decidedly Midwestern experience.

– For Chicagoans, Summit Brewing is taking over the taps at Burger Bar tomorrow.

University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank is the first stadium in the Big Ten to allow the sale of alcohol. Wisconsin, wha happened?

Capital Brewery achieves Green Tier status. The way green beer should be. Kudos!

– What do Schlafy Brewing and the universe have in common? They are expanding!

– Check out What’s On Tap in Indiana.

– Iowa’s Craft Beer Festival is coming up in May. Support good beer and get your tickets today!

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Suds: April 18

Always love to see New Glarus’ beer getting props from beer geeks. Crack open a bottle of their Cherry Stout and take a look at this episode of Brewing TV before diving into Suds.

Wild Cask at Barley John’s in Minnesota.

Fulton Beer dinner at the Bulldog NE next Tuesday.

– Not in the Midwest, but still a really neat discovery.

– Love to see more women getting into beer.

– Speaking of women that are into beer. Check out this write up on the Goose Island Fulton Wood Series “En Pessant” release from The Girl and Her Beer.

– Point is expanding and hitting the Nude Beach again.

Peoria Jaycees International Beer Festival should prove to be a great success.

– Been a while since we hit an Ohio event, but Parkville Microfest is right around the corner. Get your tickets before they run out.

Suds! It does the body good. So do our other features. Check them our beer reviews, essays and editorials for additional pleasure.

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Irish Suds: March 16

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and that means one thing–thousands of innocent beers are going to be subjected to the inhumanity of green dye. If only our Constitution protected our sudsy friends from cruel and unusual punishment, we could save the pints from the annual coloring. Show your support for beer by hoisting a nice, dark Irish stout of your choice. Or better yet, ask for a Finnegans Irish Amber and do some good in the world!

And if you feel the need to dye anything green, let it be the Chicago River.

– Duluth’s newest alehouse, Tycoons, continues their Grand Opening celebrations with Communist Daughter playing tonight!

– St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewing celebrates their 5th Anniversary with Two Fingers Double IPA.

– Barley John’s Brewpub celebrates 12 years of craft beer with their Anniversary Menu.

– Great news from Wisconsin, the Home-Brew Bill passes!

– Looking for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Wisconsin?

Chitown On Tap has a list of great events for Chicagoans this weekend.

– Weekend events for all our friends in the UP and the LP of the MI.

Indianapolis is ready for the Irish too.

What is your drink of choice on St. Patrick’s Day? Tweet @MidwestBeer or leave a comment below!

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Suds: February 27

If Indiana Jones didn’t convince you to love History, then you only have one last hope. Watch this TED Talk on the Cyrus Cylinder, a 2,600 year old clay cylinder praising the Persian king, Cyrus, who conquered Babylon. It reminds us the power of history in modern day and the importance of preserving our history (just think if beer never made it out of ancient Sumeria!). So crack open a Dogfish Head Midas Touch, the quintessential historical beer, and remember, “It belongs in a museum!”

– Don’t miss Cask Ale Fest at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis tomorrow night.

– If you do miss Cask Ale Fest, don’t worry. The Happy Gnome’s Firkin Fest 2012 is just around the corner. Get your tickets here.

– There is an art, nature and beer Mecca in Wisconsin and, no, it’s not Madison or Milwaukee. Read this great article on what Stevens Point has to offer.

Beer Here: a new doppelbock from Capital Brewery using wild rice.

– Chicago Craft Beer Week is set for May 17-27. Find out what’s in store here.

– The City of Broad Shoulders has a broad variety of breweries to choose from these days.

– There is a Bell’s beer tasting and pairing at University Roadhouse in Kalamazoo tomorrow night.

– Short’s Brewing Co. is hosting the Paddle to Paddle kayaking event on April 27th this year. Register for this free event for a day of fun.

– Iowa’s first annual Craft Brew Festival is set for Saturday May 21! Find out all the details here.

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Suds: February 13

Last night, Wisconsin’s own, Bon Iver, pulled in two Grammy awards including one inexplicably for Best New Artist. Apparently the Grammys didn’t hear about For Emma, Forever Ago back in 2007! On a side note, Mumford and Sons are still being nominated for Grammys from their 2010 release Sigh No More.

Bon Iver’s second award was for Best Alternative Album, an award that wasn’t aired on the main broadcast. In typical Vernon fashion, his acceptance speech was humble and quintessentially Midwestern seeming painfully out of place among the glitz and glamour of the Billboard elite. Crack open a Wisconsin staple and MwBC favorite, Schlitz, and check it out yourself.

There's something different in these two photos. Can you spot it? I can't.

– Bell’s Hopslam arrives in Minnesota! Find out the location nearest you that received six-packs.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Town Hall Brewery and fall in love with beer all over again.

– Indiana’s Sun King releases their Isis Imperial IPA in cans this month.

Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids becomes first LEED Silver commercial brewery in Michigan, possibly U.S.

– Interesting debate on whether Fabiano Bros., a Michigan beer and wine distributor, is a monopoly in need of busting or not.

– Southern Michigan Winter Beer Festival returns on March 10. Get your tickets before they sell out.

– Steven’s Point Brewery will release Point Three Kings Ale this spring.

Indeed Brewing Company, Minneapolis’ newest brewery, is set to open this summer.

Tickets for Firkin Fest at The Happy Gnome are on sale now. Get yours before they sell out.

The Blind Pig Co. in Champaign, IL will be tapping a cask conditioned firkin of Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout this Friday.

What is your favorite Bon Iver song? Tweet @MidwestBeer #BonnyBearRocks with your answer. 

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Suds: February 10

Yesterday, MillerCoors announced the purchase of Minneapolis-based Crispin Cider and so falls another independent Midwestern brewing company. While I don’t have the same attachment for Crispin that Anthony had for Goose Island, it is still a sad day for craft brewers and drinkers here in the state of Minnesota. There will be more to come on this buyout in the coming weeks, but in the mean time crack open a Summit Brewing Oatmeal Stout and watch the newest episode of BrewTV.

Garage sale at Town Hall Brewery tomorrow at noon!

– Check out Blackbird Cafe’s Black Hearted Beer Dinner if you are going stag this Valentine’s Day and not happy about it. The porters, stouts and black IPAs should ease your pain.

– Or bring your honey to Town Hall for Valentine’s ‘Day. Chocolate Cherry Stout has been promised.

Wisconsin Hombrewers are still in need of support.

New Holland’s Four Witches Black Saison is on its way this spring.

– Belgium comes to Michigan with Ashley’s Belgian Beer Festival going on now until February 19.

– A nice review of St. Paul’s Winterfest event this past weekend.

– Big news from MillerCoors, which just purchased Minneapolis-based Crispin Cider. More on this in the coming week.

– Metropolitan Brewing Company is holding a Generator Doppelbock party at Lady Gregory tonight at 5pm. Be there and imbibe.

A bucket of beer, a safe and a jewelry heist. No, it’s not Ocean’s 14.

What do you think about MillerCoors buying Crispin Cider? Tweet @MidwestBeer or post on our Facebook page. 

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